Let me take the hassle out of an author visit for young people and provide a session that you can enjoy too.

I’m Marie, author of the Dani Moore Trilogy; a story of resilience like no other for young people aged 14+. The first book, Reggie & Me, reached the final of The People’s Book Prize and as a result of the trilogy, I have started a social enterprise which has taken on a life of its own. For young people to not only be inspired by the story of the main character, Dani, be enthused about the power of their personal stories and inherent resilience, they can also learn that being enterprising can mean lots of different things as they navigate their way through education and make decisions about their future.

Author Visit: Single Session, One Hour 

Brace yourselves for an author visit with an injection of enthusiasm that will leave you inspired and believing that anything is possible. This isn’t a ‘woe is me’ tale of trauma, this is an opportunity to talk about resilience through the power of storytelling. I talk through the motivation to write the first book, the process and the challenge of finding a publisher; resilience in action. Using a short excerpt from one of the books, I talk about the importance of goal setting, acknowledging our successes and gratitude. No matter who we are, we’re all surviving something and I will leave the audience in no doubt that their own journey is providing the foundation they need to thrive.

There will be time for a Q&A and books can be available to purchase on request, or details can be made available for schools to buy copies in advance.


Workshop: Half Day, Up To Three Hours

This is about more than the books. This takes the notion of using your skills, combined with personal experience and passion to create a positive narrative around resilience.

The message encompassed in the story of Dani Moore is one of hope, while being realistic that there’s going to be things that challenge us as we journey through life. We’ll talk about the science of resilience, the way the brain tries to protect us in times of uncertainty and the way in which we can use those natural responses to our advantage. Using examples of social media, exam stress and ever-changing friendships, we will bring the theory to life and discuss real-life survival strategies; resilience in action. 

This session follows the PSHE Association’s ‘ten principles’ and uses examples from the key areas discussed in the book. These are always presented in a positive, future-focused way with tangible outcomes and practical resources for the young people involved.

This session can be delivered on the same day, after an author visit.



All you need to do is provide:

  • A room, with a projector and the technical jazz. I’ll bring the laptop/memory stick.
  • Young people aged 14+
  • Maybe a cuppa… but that’s optional!

Let’s talk! Send me any questions you have, the date(s) you’d like to book and the outcomes you would like to achieve from the session. We can talk it through and I can ensure that I’m ready to enthuse your audience with storytelling, resilience and motivation.

9 + 1 =

Tricky subjects, handled with warmth, honesty and compassion and woven into a compelling story about a girl overcoming some pretty horrendous challenges. Dani Moore is a survivor who is trying to rebuild her life and figure out how to be normal again. She tells her story in the first person, in an intimately voiced journal. Marie Yates has constructed some really great strategies here, exploring the relationship between a rescued dog and Dani, who is determined not to let ‘victim’ become her story and identity. (Nimue Brown)

I didn’t think “Reggie and Me” could be bettered as it was such an amazing book – but Marie Yates has done it again. A great story in its own right it takes you to the teenage heart of a troubled young woman who is determined to make changes – but as we all know change is sometimes difficult to maintain. Packed full of coaching tips for any teenager woven into the story it has a double whammy. (Christina Kent)

With Frankie and Me it really feels like the author has come of age. I write this with no disrespect to the first two books as found them both brilliant and engaging. However, there is a charming humour in the last book of the trilogy that with the relatable style of Marie Yates adds another dimension to the account. It can afford to be a little more light-hearted as much of the structure is in place and only needs the briefest mention the remind the reader. Frankie and Me is brilliant, engaging, endearing and enchanting as it respectfully takes you through the life lessons and coping strategy’s weaved into the memoirs. You listen, you learn, you laugh, you love. By the end of the Frankie and Me, you feel a part of Dani’s life and filled with pride at the person she has become. (Joanna Hull)