We’re a social enterprise inspiring positive change using the power of the human-canine bond.


There’s nothing like the unique and indescribable connection you have with your dog. They’re your best friend, your closest family member, your confidant and your therapist all rolled into one exceptionally cute, fun loving bundle of positive energy. Just being in their presence makes your life better. They simply show up as their best self every single day and make you smile as a result.

We understand that connection, the importance of your dog within your family and your desire to do your best for them.

CP_Illustration_Logo4It’s the intuition of our dogs that never ceases to amaze us and the way they respond to our human failings. They have a level of patience and understanding that we, as humans, can only dream of. Our dogs didn’t choose us (in most cases) and yet they make the most of the family they have been adopted into. Dogs who have been let down by humans find a way to not only cope with their experiences but embrace life and learn to trust again.

We have a lot to learn from them, don’t we?!


Whether you would like to teach your dog how you’d like them to behave, you would like to change some of your own behaviours with the help of your dog or you’d just like to enjoy some lighthearted canine wisdom with our friend, Luna… your dog will thank you for joining Team Canine Perspective.

Canine Hope is our signature programme dedicated to working with survivors of rape and sexual violence, with rescue dogs as our canine co-tutors. It is the reason Canine Perspective CIC exists.

Personal development programmes for humans, with the help of dogs. Join us in beautiful South Wales for some canine style coaching, self-care and wisdom.

With our focus on the human-canine bond, our aim is to improve the relationship you have with your dog through the training resources we offer.