Life As Marie

Welcome to my corner of the interweb, where I share the lessons I've learnt, my thoughts on why our stories have the power to change the world and the adventures of being unapologetically me.

Be The Example

Have you been thinking about the things that make you grumpy? It can be quite therapeutic, can’t it? I asked a group of trusted business buddies about the things that make them grumpy and they were more than willing to share list, after list, after list. I noticed...

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On Being Controversial

Before we get started on today’s grump, I want to say something about the daily blogs for the month of June. They’re happening and I’m not sorry!   At some point in the not-too-distant past, you thought about writing a book, holding that book in your hands and...

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Be The Support You Didn’t Have

You’re drowning in your current situation. You know there’s a way out, a way forward, a way through. You know there’s something you’re not seeing but you don’t have the energy or the resources to access help. It’s a lonely place to be, a frightening place and it feels...

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I’m Not A Writer

That headline is not an admission, I am a writer, it’s just a statement that I have heard a few times over the last couple of weeks. Hearing the words ‘I’m not a writer’ from someone who, well, isn’t a writer is fair enough. However, I’ve heard those words from people...

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