If you’re looking for a resilience speaker to provide you with an energetic, authentic and transformational experience; look no further.


When we talk about mental toughness and the ability to recover from adversity, we tend to lean towards the stories of rising from the ashes and trust me, I’ve done that. I am a rape survivor but don’t worry, there’s no melancholy when I’m talking. I am Autistic, which continues to bring its own fun and games and I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, where coming out as gay was considered under Commandment Eleven; thou simply shalt not because what would thy neighbours think?!

They’re the labels that I have been given, whether I want them or not. Survivor, Autistic and Lesbian; the lesser-known trinity.

I have other labels, ones that I have chosen for myself, because resilience isn’t about overcoming one thing. Resilience is about the daily choices we make, the way in which we learn to bounce back from inevitable, uncontrollable, life events and our ability to live, unapologetically, leaving a legacy to be proud of. Three labels I have chosen for myself are Author, Social Entrepreneur and Ironman.

You see, the art of bounce-back-ability has to be actionable when you leave the room and that is what I offer.

Keynotes can include the following content, to suit your audience and event;


  • Strengthening resilience & mastering adversity
  • Embracing your story, unapologetically
  • Real-world courage and how to develop it
  • Mental wellbeing, with a realistic twist
  • Self-leadership, stepping up and respecting who you are
  • Your legacy; kindness and integrity


I also love being asked to speak about:


  • My (unedited) journey to becoming an accidental social entrepreneur
  • Why sharing our story of resilience is the greatest gift we have to offer – and the 101 not-so obvious ways we can all do that
  • Personal responsibility and resilience; reclaiming our power

On the subject of integrity…


I practice what I teach! So, brace yourself for a holistic experience where my unique history includes my role in the development in the Paralympic Programme for UK Athletics in the lead up to the 2012 Games, the soul destruction of working for the (un)Civil Service – seriously, if you want to learn about developing a resilient mindset, try working there – and dreaming of being an author, but not taking the leap until receiving a not-so-gentle nudge from my legendary Grandma. Then, there’s my useful degree; Theology, Religious Studies & Sport Science and the Masters’ Degree in Disability Studies. Honestly, I’ve made some interesting decisions in my time, I have no doubt there’s more to come and have I mentioned that I’m an Ironman?!

Resilience isn’t about overcoming one label. Sharing our stories doesn’t mean standing on stage and talking about the worst things that have happened to us, it’s about sharing that each and every one of us has the power to make a decision in any moment and choose a different path. We are resilience in action and we can choose to be whoever we want to be.

Industries and event types:


  • Social Enterprise Events & Conferences
  • Charity Events & Conferences
  • Human Resources / Learning & Development
  • Non-Profits
  • Educational Settings – for young & not-so-young people
  • Business Inspiration

For enquiries and bookings, please contact Kristel Valaydon. She is fabulous and I highly recommend that you chat with her in order to brighten your day, whether you chat about me or not!

(e) kristel@kvcomms.com 

(m) 07884 335734