Before I launch into this grump, which is one of my favourite things to rant about, you need to read this article by Brent Underwood which proves the whole ‘Amazon Bestseller’ thing is utter bollocks.

Of all the questions I get asked by potential clients, ‘how do I get an Amazon Bestseller badge for my book’ is in the top five every week.

The reason it makes me grumpy is because the question is about perceived status, not writing something that is worthy of being at the top of a list. Let’s face it; if you’re an author looking to reach the top of a list, the ‘Amazon Bestseller’ list isn’t the one you’re dreaming of.

I know that the desire to write and the need to tell a story is the driver for most authors. It was for me. That’s not to say that authors don’t dream of success, but ‘success’ is defined by the quality of the work, the impact on the readers and the influence that their words could have.

For business owners, a book has been a ‘must have.’ Surely, the desire to write a ‘successful’ book still needs to be centred on the trilogy of triumph. Imagine your book being reviewed as one of the highest quality business books on the market, as a book that has made a real difference to the reader and one that has made a tangible change in their life. Wouldn’t that mean more than a meaningless badge that a guy obtained with a picture of his foot? If you haven’t read the article by Brent Underwood, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy it.

It makes complete sense for business owners to write books, to share their story and inspire others through their wisdom and expertise. Business owners with integrity are successful because of their attention to detail. You wouldn’t sit down in front of a client with a ‘let’s see how quickly we can get this done and then blag a testimonial’ approach, would you? No, of course, you wouldn’t! Your book will potentially be the first ‘sit down’ that you have with your client so make sure it presents you in a way that you’re proud of.

That’s worth investing in, isn’t it? Get in touch and let’s talk about the way you can turn your book into so much more than an Amazon algorithm game. You can write a book of the highest quality and your readers deserve no less than your best efforts.