Have you been thinking about the things that make you grumpy? It can be quite therapeutic, can’t it? I asked a group of trusted business buddies about the things that make them grumpy and they were more than willing to share list, after list, after list.

I noticed from their lists that the fields in which they choose to work are directly related to the things that make them grumpy.

  • The people who work to support people with their health and wellbeing get grumpy about poor nutrition and lack of exercise.
  • The people who work to support people with their businesses get grumpy about misinformation in the world of business coaching.
  • The people who have invested in qualifications to be at the top of their game get grumpy about others in their field who charge for services they’re not really able to offer safely.

I could go on, but you get the gist.

How can those messages be shared in books without being overtly negative about people and sharing positive messages without judgement?

In non-fiction, it’s all about well-written, engaging, fact. Earning the right through your words to be considered an authority on your subject and making tangible change possible for your reader.

In fiction, you can have a lot more fun! Well, in my humble opinion it’s more fun!

You want your reader to get behind your protagonist, to root for them. Let’s call her Patty. Patty the protagonist! In the opening chapter, Patty is involved in an accident while she is cycling to work. A car knocks her off her bike because the driver is reaching for a chocolate bar and loses concentration. In a moment of realisation, while recovering in hospital, Patty decides she has been wasting her life in a soul-destroying job and she wants to start her own business, designing new technology for drivers to be aware of cyclists, you know, other than their eyes. She is completely screwed over (technical term) by an unscrupulous business coach and through many twists and turns Patty finds herself a qualified, legend, of a business mentor. Over the next year, she becomes a multi-millionaire; she saved the lives of millions and of course, falls in love along the way and lives happily ever after.

Who wouldn’t want to read this?!

This is a light-hearted example, but there are so many ways that you can step up and be the example you need to be in order to change lives.