What if there was nothing to be afraid of?

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while. It’s no secret that I love books; I love writing books, I love helping people write their own books and I love, love, love reading books.

The books that are created from personal stories are the ones that, I believe, change the world in a way that no other books can.

There’s more to making our stories count than books though; yeah, I said it. There’s more to life than books!

I felt that I couldn’t blog about resilience building through sharing personal stories until I had written more, created more, done more, become more.

No matter what I did, I felt that there was ‘more’ that needed to be done.

That’s bollocks though, isn’t it?

I spend my days with the most incredible pioneers of innovative social change, reading books by veracious authors and learning lessons from impactful humans. I live in a world of perpetual confusion and am very much a work in progress, so why not just start?

I have been frightened of upsetting people, of what people might think, of people disagreeing with me, of anything and everything that comes with putting your head above the parapet.

Well, bollocks to that!

Welcome to my uncensored, resilience-building, lifestyle blog, featuring;

  • Pioneers of innovative social change
  • Books by veracious authors
  • Lessons from impactful humans, and
  • The perpetual confusion of the human experience, after all, we’re all a work in progress

Or, if that’s a bit much & I’m all about simplification… featuring stories that count!