Before we get started on today’s grump, I want to say something about the daily blogs for the month of June. They’re happening and I’m not sorry!


At some point in the not-too-distant past, you thought about writing a book, holding that book in your hands and setting it free into the world to make a difference in the lives of others. I know that some of you reading this have done just that, you’ve done the work and you’re reaping the benefits but I also know that most of you haven’t. That’s ok, it’s not a judgement; it’s why I’m doing this.

Writing is a daily practice. Finding the inspiration to write is a daily practice. Sometimes, it’s a daily pain in the bum but if you don’t make the time to plan, read, be inspired and write, that book won’t exist.

Use these blogs to start a daily habit of reading something to find inspiration to write. You might read it and an idea will begin to percolate. You might read it and think I’ve lost my mind and am talking utter nonsense. Both responses are fabulous! Either way, you’ll have sparked a thought process about something you could write about or 101 ways you could do it better than I am. BRILLIANT. START WRITING!

So, back to today’s grump-inducer.

I was told I was controversial. Shocking, I know!

I was grumpy initially and then I turned it into this blog. I didn’t turn it into something negative, I turned it into something I was proud of, something that could help me to share a message with the world that I admit, is it little bit odd, but nobody has made a difference in the world by saying and doing nothing when they can see change is needed.

What opinions do you have that challenge the status quo? What do you believe has made a difference to you, the people around you or your clients that the masses would consider ‘a little bit odd?’

Write about it. Share it. Stand up for the people who are not yet able to shout it from the rooftops and make sure that the people who don’t yet know about this game-changer of yours can learn about how it can help them too.

Who are you NOT to talk about something that you know will help others?