Canine Perspective CIC


You have landed here because you’ve heard that I offer resilience workshops with the help of a canine co-tutor, but I would also like you to know that when you book one of these workshops, you’ll help Canine Perspective CIC to make a difference to survivors of rape and sexual violence as well as the rescue dogs. How’s that for a win-win?

Canine Progress for Life


When we experience trauma, our brain and body changes. Our cells record those memories and the pathway it creates in the brain can be embedded quickly. When we say ‘we’re all surviving something,’ we mean it. When we say that we can help you change those pathways and live your best life, we mean that too. Helping people to build their resilience is what we do.

If you work with a client group you think would benefit from our Canine Progress for Life workshop, we can tailor it to your needs. For example, we have worked with, clients who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, addiction and domestic violence. We have also worked with people undergoing treatment for cancer, their families and people who have experienced PTSD.

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Canine Progress in the Workplace


We specialise in building resilience through working with a rescue dog.

‘Seriously? You think that my team enjoying the company of a rescue dog will help them to be more productive, more resilient and less stressed while at work?’

Yep, that’s exactly what we’re saying. It’s because of the dog that we can change human behaviour so quickly, bring our lessons to life and create a sustainable change in your team.

The stress that your team members are experiencing impacts upon their physical and mental wellbeing. That, in turn, has a direct impact on their performance, their ingenuity and their relationships with colleagues and clients.

Click here for more information, you’ll be taken to Canine Perspective CIC’s website.

You can find out more about the social enterprise by clicking on the logo below and if you love dogs and personal development, check out Love Learning from Dogs. Our rescue dog mascot, Luna, shares her wisdom with weekly emails, her pawdcast and her own merchandise range.

Canine Perspective CIC was ‘highly commended’ as part of Purina’s Better With Pets Prize.

“Canine Hope is a programme designed for survivors of sexual violence as well as dogs that have been rescued. Through the stories of the dogs, this organisation explores the physiology of trauma, recovery and resilience for the benefit of both the human and dog. It is the magic of looking through the eyes of a dog, being able to explore how dogs who have not been treated well yet can still learn to trust again, which gives hope to survivors.  It is an incredible example of how the power of the pet–human bond supports and creates hope for the most vulnerable in our society. That is why Canine Hope were a ‘highly commended’ finalist and awarded 15,000 CHF to continue their life-changing work.”

(Calum Macrae, Regional Managing Director for Nestlé Purina Pet Care)