I love a blog, don’t you?


I love the fact I can digest a small amount of entertaining, educational or poignant information while enjoying a cuppa.

A good blog sends me straight to the author’s social media links so that I can learn more about them. If they have something I can download, handing over my email address is a no brainer and if they’ve written a book, I’ve ordered it before I can say ‘I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more until I’ve read what I have!

Writing for the people you’re here to serve gives you a platform to share your message in a way that’s authentic. It gives you a means of building a relationship, of making a connection and a way to respond to the ever-changing needs of your clients. It’s the perfect way of sharing your story in a way that serves your business.

Whether you’re sharing top tips, a researched piece of advice, the launch of a new product or an integrity-based rant on something you care deeply about, you can drop into the consciousness of your ideal client and show them who you are.

On a practical level, you can then turn those words into an e-newsletter, a LinkedIn article, a series of social media posts and drop it onto a scheduler to be enjoyed time and time again.

What’s not to love?

Of course, if you know you want to blog and it keeps dropping to the bottom of your to-do list, I would love to be your ghost-blogger. Hit this link to find out more.