I have a confession, I found New Amsterdam on Amazon Prime and as a signed up member of the ‘Box Set Addict Club’ I whipped through that series in no time. I won’t say anything that requires a spoiler alert but, WOWZERS, that final episode was not what I was expecting.


Anyway, the main character, Dr Max Goodwin, repeats the same question throughout every episode.

‘How can I help?’

It’s the perfect question. If you start there, you can only make progress, surely? As some of you know, I run a social enterprise. I get to hang out with dogs and it’s way too much fun to ever be called work. When we’re working with a dog, that’s the question we ask, over and over again. There’s never a good story as to why a dog needs to be in a rescue centre and sometimes they find life overwhelming, like all of us do from time to time. I have found that by asking that question, I come up with answers so much more quickly than if I try and figure out what’s going on or come up with a plan to teach them new ways of coping. There’s always time for that later, the first thing I need to do is decipher how I can help them at that moment.

I realised that while it’s second nature for me to do this in my social enterprise, I haven’t asked you, good people, how I can help you share your story in book form.

I can give you blueprints, structures, chapter breakdowns and every possible trick in the book to encourage you to write your words, but if you haven’t written them yet, I have a question for you.

How can I help?

Seriously. Tell me what’s getting in the way. Let me help!

There’s no sales catch, it’s a genuine question, inspired by Dr Max. Also, that means I can officially call my most recent box-set binge ‘research’!