I have allowed myself a couple of hours of anger, I have ranted, I have cried and I am still emerging from a cavern of confusion about the events of the 2019 Election.


I can keep repeating ‘how could this possibly have happened?’ or I can change my narrative.

In the wake of the result, wake being the operative word, I am profoundly aware that I have to do something to create a change, to make a change and to be the change.

Fear is not going to help me do that. All of the feelings and emotions I have felt today have stemmed from fear.

To start the shift in thinking and to inspire me to take action, I am turning that fear into love. That might sound a bit cheesy, but what else have we got?

I know that this country is filled with incredible people. Those who continue to do their best when we need our health service, those who are helping the most vulnerable in society, those who are using their voices to promote equality, kindness and fairness and those who will do everything in their power to make this country a place that we’re proud to call home. Thank you.

We all have that power, each and every day, to stand up and be counted. We are our own representatives and I know that I don’t stand for anger. I want to BE the change I want to see in the world, while still being partial to the occasional rant, and my new question is ‘how can I best represent myself and my values today?’

If we start there, we can be the change.