“Harry Specters is my favourite social enterprise!”


I might have declared this, loudly, completely forgetting about my own social enterprise, which just goes to show how good Harry Specters’ chocolates are; they’re so good they cause temporary amnesia!

Harry SpectersA fabulous friend of mine knows how much I love the chocolates, and the cause, and surprised me with a box for Christmas.

As an autistic social entrepreneur with a sweet tooth, I can’t help but be inspired – and impressed – by Harry Specters.

Their purpose is to ‘craft the most delicious chocolates that create employment for young people with autism’ and I can say with authority that ‘delicious’ doesn’t quite do this chocolate justice.

Their vision is to ‘create 100s of jobs for young people with autism in the UK by providing them with employment and training to produce award-winning chocolates. In doing so, be a role model of “great product, great cause” for others social businesses and entrepreneurs’ and as a social entrepreneur, I hold them in the highest regard as role models.

One family saw a way to change the world, using their story, their passion and their expertise. Not only that, but their product is about so much more than making awesome chocolate, it’s about developing the skills of autistic people in a way that embraces and enhances their capabilities.

If you’d like to help Harry Specters change the world AND try their delicious chocolate, hit this link. I don’t think you’ll read a win-win as great as that for a while!