It was Saturday evening and one of my most favourite people put a call out on social media, tagging me in it, asking if anyone was free to share their entrepreneurial story as part of an awesome project.

‘Pick me, pick me, pick me…!’

Of course, I was free and very much available to talk about all things writing and social enterprise on a Saturday night. That’s my idea of being rock and indeed roll.

The awesome project was #SheCan365 and the person I spoke with, Michelle Ewen, managed the impossible. Not only did she understand what my social enterprise was all about after one conversation, but she also managed to articulate it in 365 words. ‘Impressed’ doesn’t even begin to cover it!

The project is an opportunity to learn about how 365 different women have emerged as entrepreneurs. If I need a burst of inspiration or want to feel like I’m not alone on this weird & (mostly) wonderful journey, I love dropping in and reading someone else’s story.

#SheCan365Now you have the chance to enjoy a burst of inspiration, a giggle or a ‘blimey, that’s brave!’ moment, the #SheCan365 team are turning the stories into a book.

They need help to make sure it can happen and as an additional incentive (not that you need it), they’re also supporting Coppafeel, one of my favourite charities, through the book sales.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of sharing stories, or making our story count, of books and of inspirational women… so of course, I’m ridiculously excited to be part of this project.

The Kickstarter is live so please, please, please CLICK HERE to check it out and get involved.